Why Audio and Video?

It may surprise you to find that two of our assignments involve composing audio and video texts.    But, increasingly, digital literacy requires using a variety of tools, platforms, and applications.  Consider the Conference of College Composition and Communication’s position statement on “Teaching, Learning, and Assessing Writing in Digital Environments: Increasingly, classes and programs in writing require that students compose digitally. Such writing occurs both in conventional “face-to-face” classrooms and in classes and programs that are delivered at a distance. The expression composing digitally” can refer to a myriad of practices.... Read the Rest →


Welcome to E365!

Welcome!  Bill Cope and Mary Kalantzis argue that “Design is a process in which the individual and culture are inseparable . . . [c]ulture is no more and no less than the accumulated and continuing expression of agency; of Designing.”  In this course, we will explore the ways in which digital composing can work as an expression of agency, explore the rhetoric and construction of digital media arguments and consider the cultural and social implications of making such arguments. We will learn basic audio and video editing skills, create a... Read the Rest →